Monday, May 9, 2011

The Smile Project, Day 130: What's the difference between three days and three months?

Not much, if you ask me! Woohoooooo I'm back! : D's been a busy couple of months, world. You have no idea. I've left Columbus, moved back in with my parents, found a new job, learned to drive...I don't even know where to begin, honestly. Right now I'm so grateful for all these things I've learned and I feel like it'd be a shame if I didn't share them with the world.

So basically, lets think of this as a new phase for the project. I know I got behind, but we need to shift gears: this is a different exercise, now. Previously it was me reminding myself there are things worth being happy about.

As of today, I want to share my joy with the world. In just a few months I've found ways to deal with my depression, my debt, my ADD, my social ineptitude, and my anger. I'm not perfect, I'm definitely still working on all of it...but I feel better. So, so much better and that is absolutely worth smiling about.

What a difference 90 days makes. That's 2,136 hours, 128,160 minutes, 7,689,600 seconds. By my measure, I've been grateful roughly 7,689,600 different times in three months. That's a lot.

So right now, my message to every sad face, to every broken heart, to every single one of you whether you're white, black, fat, skinny, tall, short, smart, stupid, funny, unfunny...whether you can sing or dance or laugh or speak or whatever it is you can or cannot do, please remember one thing:

Smile. It gets better.