Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to my project.

I am not a happy person.

I feel as if the world robs me of my joy on a daily basis.

....I'm sorry, I just thought I should get that out of the way.

2011 is a brand new year though, right? It would be wrong of me to not try and be happy. I'll be damned if I'd settle for a selfish though like just me being happy, though. Because honestly, who am I? Who is anybody? Does anybody matter more or less than any of the other anybodies you see every day? And most importantly, since we're all on equal footing...who has any right to be unhappy? I have to try to make everybody happy.

Therefore, the Smile Project. I promise to find 365 new things to smile about this year. 365 new bits of joy, rays of sunshine, cute puppies. 365 new ideas of what happiness can really be. I will put them here, on this shiny blog, and share my thoughts with you all. I don't feel like I'm offering anybody anything great, I don't feel like I'm saying anything anybody really needs to hear, but I want to make you think if I could, learn if I can, and love if at all possible.

All I ask of you is this: try it. Let me hear your experiences. Hell, let me experience them with you. I just don't feel like talking to an empty house. Post them here, blog about them elsewhere, facebook them, I don't care: if I have to try being happy, then so do you.

Give me your best shot, humanity. 365 wicked grins later, I bet I still come out on top. And if I don't, well..




  1. I support this, and that picture is awesome.

  2. What a great idea! Your picture made me smile. You're a success already!