Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday was grinning over going home. Sunday, there was apparently a Super Bowl.

A little less than a week until I move...I still can't believe I'm just up and ducking out to Cincinnati like this, but I can't say I'm not excited. I've wanted to be home for a while, just was planning to do things a little differently, you know? I've come to realize that stuff happens for a reason, though, so I'm just going to roll with it, get back on my feet and figure out my next move.*

*Maybe this is just me, but I know there's a lot of confused youth/young adults out there so I'll put it up and see what people any of you consciously try to delay big things in your life just in case the world decides to end next year? : P I'm curious.

As for Sunday, well...I didn't watch the Super Bowl. Instead I watched BBC2's fantastic "Wonders of the Solar System." Yes, I am a giant nerd. I also watched the Puppy Bowl. Obviously. Because I's the puppy bowl. Cute puppies doing ridiculous puppy things for extended periods of time? Uh, yes please?

Seriously, you can argue with that?

But to be honest, I did catch one part of the Super Bowl I try to watch every year: the halftime show. The last few years, I thought they'd learned their lesson: No more pop acts reliant on autotune, no more terrible singing/effects, no more "unintentionally" intentional boob on national television* The U2 show in 2002 was awesome. Prince was great, Tom Petty was great, Paul McCartney was great, Springsteen was AWESOME...and now we get the Black Eyed Peas.

Because when I think of football and what a mostly blue-collar American audience wants to hear, I think about these guys.

Yeah. Great idea, guys. How about that malfunctioning autotune, though? That was incredible. Or the lights that were supposed to spell "Love" that didn't work (they spelled "lol" which I believe is surprisingly relevant.) How about Slash appearing out of nowhere, obviously drunk, to sleepwalk through a solo while Fergie verbally molested "Sweet Child of Mine?" Or Usher appearing to do...well...nothing. Usher didn't even sing, man. Dude probably just chipped off a sweet half million dollars to stand around and be Usher for a few minutes.

The show was an outright disgrace, I hear the game was "eh" but at least the Steelers didn't win, and now the NFL season is over and I say good riddance and may the owners lock the door behind you.

I'm smiling now because Sportscenter is going to start being about baseball here in a week or so and that's actually worth getting excited about. Springtime, Reds season, and moving home? That's no coincidence.

Smile: Things happen for a reason. Like that halftime show confirming that the Black Eyed Peas are terrible *ZING*

*Does anybody else think the Janet Jackson thing was completely ridiculous? It was like five seconds of tape-covered boob from a like 50 year old washed up pop star: NOBODY wanted to see that. So of course, that's what we got --;

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