Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 12th smile is a mellow high made of jello limbs.

I don't know what else to say today. It wasn't a particularly great day, my shoulder hurts and everybody, everybody EVERYBODY has constant advice for me. Listening to so many different people tell me so many different ways to handle a situation is frustrating: I have a hard time multitasking, always have.

One thing? No problem.

Two things? I'm a little shaky, but it'll get done.

Three things? I start to vibrate.

I guess, in a way, it's comforting even though it's frustrating: while I'm getting stressed, it's nice to know that people care about me enough to try and help. I went to a reorientation at work today, came home, took one of my muscle relaxers and descended into a flopsy-limbed nap that relieved some of my troubles.

So basically, as I sit here trying to shrug off what I'm absolutely certain is enough muscle relaxant to tranq a horse, I wanted to smile and thank you all for caring so much about me. So much <3 is always worth smiling about.



  1. I'm sorry, but the last line there (aside from making me happy) also reminded me of this awesomeness ;)

    Be happy and smile because I love you! :D

  2. You are indeed <3 very much.

    Kerri, that video is awesome!

  3. Yes, it always is something to smile about. :-)