Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8: Thanks for the smile, sister.

I am a man blessed with many things. I'm even a man who is actually good at a few areas of life.

"Sisters" happens to be a category in which I excel.

Depending on your interpretation, I have either two sisters or six. I prefer the latter. As for how that works, it's a story for another day, which you'll undoubtedly know, there being 357 more stories to tell and all.

Anyway, today was a pretty rough day at work. Lots of stuff going on, lots of annoying cleanup. Pair it with my employers suddenly lopping 45 minutes off my regular shift and suffice to say it wasn't great fun. On my way home I was actually desperate to find my smile. I sat down on facebook (as most do) and saw one of my sisters online. Simaltaneously, I sent another sister a text while starting a chat with the former sister to ask how my other sisters were doing. See what I mean? Multi-sister multitasking. Come on. I rock at sisters.*

So we talked. I set up lunch with text sister while facebook sister let me know all about college and life and how she LIKES MY BLOG** and scriptures and all sorts of good stuff. And I realized something: I'd really lightened up. I was laughing, I was enjoying life, and most importantly, I was grinning. Obviously grinning.

So there's that. You didn't even realize you helped make my day, but you did. Thanks for helping me out. I love having a family sometimes, even if mine is a little bigger and harder to manage than most.


*Is there anything more worthless to rock at than sisters? Well, maybe the ukulele. Unless you're THIS LITTLE GUY HOLY CRAP

Look at that guy GO. Sure he doesn't know the words but whatever!

** Apparently people actually like it. Who knew. Weird.


  1. THAT KID IS AWESOME!!! He sings just like Kai when Kai doesn't know the words! I totally need to teach Kai to play the ukelele now. Also, I just read all the posts on here so far, and I think they're AWESOME! I'm happy that you're trying to be more happy, and that you're succeeding at it! GO BRETT GO! I'm a big fan of growing and changing as a person (I'd have to be by now, with all I've gone through the past 4 years, hehe) I'm looking forward to reading more of your smiles!

  2. Great video!

    I <3 fantastic sisters!! Hooray for finding your smile on a rough day.

    And yes, those of us who are reading LOVE your blog. Love that your smiling more often; love YOU.

  3. Hey this is Sarah using Papa's account You're freaking great. I love you. That facebook chat made my day, too <3

  4. Finally watched that kid jam, he rocked and so do you.