Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I smiled today because tomorrow will be better.

I was curious how I was going to handle a bad day on here, when I finally had one. When I really had absolutely nothing to smile about, what was going to happen?

Today was one of those days. Today at work, a violent coworker grabbed my by the head (the head? wtf? WHO THROWS A SHOE HONESTLY) and proceeded to make me feel like hamburger meat. If I wasn't a little luckier I'd probably look like it, too. But that's ok. You know why?

I'm the bigger man. I have the better plan, and I'm more than willing to execute it. But this project isn't about bad smiles. Smiling about revenge is not being happy.

I'm smiling, in the end, because anything could be better than the day I had today. I'm just sayin.



  1. i'm proud that your wrote today. And that's my smile. I love being proud of my friends :)

  2. I'm proud that you were smiling at the end of the day. That's no small feat on a day like this!

  3. "Smiling about revenge is not being happy."

    That is both true and profound.

    I'm sorry to hear about your day, but happy to read about how you are handling it - and even happier after talking with Mama today, no matter what ends up happening.