Monday, January 24, 2011

23? Making somebodies day. 24? I guess I could be sicker.

Last night I found something for a friend that they had been trying to find for years, and she was pretty excited about the whole thing. I always really like to make somebodies day : D

Today, I'm sick. Like nasty, dripping, feels like my nose is full of mud sick. A terrible layer of what I'm assuming is some kind of plague has formed on my skin, my hair is matted down...basically, it's completely miserable.

My response to that? OH WELL! Stayed in reading all day : ) I love how it feels to curl up on the couch with a paperback, so it was all well and good from where I'm standing (...laying...dying? Possibly)

Also, the tastiest part of my new lifestyle plan is my morning smoothie. I just throw a bunch of fruit, juice and yogurt in a blender cup the night before, stick it in the fridge so it's nice and cold and then buzz it in the morning. Nom :3

Take it easy for now, people, I know I'm gonna.



  1. You are pretty good at making somebody's day on a regular basis. I'm excited for your friend and for you for *this* particular smile!

    Sorry you're sick. I am, too. Though I am feeling more alive today than I have for the past several days. Maybe there's hope for your quick recovery, too!

  2. Well I hope you get better soon! And those smoothies sound AMAZING!! lol. I have found a new love for them. : )