Friday, January 28, 2011

Smile number 27 was this hilariously fail map of the United States. Smile 28 is chicken soup for the cliched soul.

It focuses on what each individual state is worst at.I'm proud to say that Ohioans are the nerdiest dudes in the union. Win, as far as I'm concerned.

What's your state worst at?

EDIT: Wow, that picture like...ate the entire screen/destroyed the page layout. I'll just provide a handy link : D

Anyway, I've been out pounding the pavement looking for work the last couple weeks, and to say the's been bad. Well, maybe not bad. Terrible is a good word.

Catastrophic, even.

That really doesn't deter me from walking into every business I can, filling out applications and generally making a nuisance of myself until I can get sat down for an interview. You know what does deter me from that, though?

It's freaking COLD outside. Gosh, I hate wandering around in melting feet get wet, my lips get chapped, my hands get numb. It's just an awful experience altogether. Whoever though up this weather idea was a real bastard.

(I'm lookin at you, Roker. I know you're behind this.)

Anyway, I got home and decided to make chicken soup.

Not from a can. I am an amateur professional here, people. I make my own soup.

I am also an incredibly lazy person, especially when it comes to cooking which NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT might be counterproductive to my life goals but what the hell OK. Anyway, I decided to go through all the steps, all the prep, and all the the mind-numbing time it takes to make soup.

And was delicious. There's something special about soup, I think. It's like food for the soul. When we're cold, when our bodies are weak, we don't reach for a sandwich*, do we? No. We reach for soup. And now here I am, enjoying a reheated bowl several hours later and I suddenly felt the grin spread out over my face. So yeah, it's late, but this time it's not because I'm just takes a REALLY long time to make soup!


*Unless, of course, you're reaching for a grilled cheese to go with your tomato soup. In which case, godspeed.


  1. Loved the states map. Both the fails and the rebuttals were pretty funny! And hooray for homemade yummy soup! You rock.

  2. Nerdiest state? Heck yes! :) By the way, just the thought of homemade chicken soup makes me hungry. Then again, I'm always hungry.