Saturday, January 22, 2011

Smile 22 is a full belly and a ukulele battle.

Went to the grocery store today. I don't think there's anything I love more than grocery shopping. Food really speaks to me on the shelf, ideas and meals and new flavor concepts trying themselves out in my mind as I peruse the aisles. I was able to purchase sandwiches and smoothie materials and lots of'd be amazed how much cheaper it is to purchase drumsticks and thighs, but people keep paying for boring old boneless chicken breast...yeah I'll stick with three pounds of thighs for 4 dollars.

Tomorrow I am starting Alton Browns "diet of four lists." It is based on altering your diaita, which is the greek root term for diet, meaning "prescribed way of living." It does not mean mindless calorie restriction, but more of a lifestyle that values nutrient density over calorie density. It includes a list of foods you should eat everyday/once every 3 days/once a week/never that really helps me plan meals, so we'll see what happens. Pair this up with walking around looking for a job all the time and I smell a recipe for success! We'll see what happens.

So yeah, there's a catch-me-up smile for the 22nd: I love grocery shopping, it expands my mind and will hopefully stop expanding my stomach so much sometime soon.

Now, for the ukulele battle...and yes, I enjoy the insturment, so sue me. In this battle is critically acclaimed ukulele artist Jake Shimabukuro performing "While my guitar gently weeps" by George Harrison.

Competing against him, and performing the same the ukulele kid.

This guy might become blog mascot sooner rather than later. Who do you like more?! Let me know in a comment. I know who I'm picking.



  1. Awesome ukuleles!! How to choose?!? For sheer talent, the first guy. But for sheer smiles, the kid.

    The girls are all voting for the cute kid!

    Hooray for grocery shopping and eating nutritionally well!

  2. i would have to say she nailed it.... the cute kid will win every time... I'm such a girl.

  3. So first of all, I am sorry I havent commented in a while. I was gone on band tour and no access to a computer and then add first week of classes and it can get pretty hectic. Anyway, I have really enjoyed looking over the posts I have missed. You have great insight that can really help me out at times. Love you broseph and I hope you keep "keeping on". lol.